APBC2019 Award

Best Paper Award
Authors Title
Shaokun An, Lin Wan, Liang Ma TSEE: an elastic embedding method to visualize the dynamic gene expression patterns of time series single-cell RNA sequencing data

Best Poster Award
Authors Title
Yaosen Min, Shang Liu, Xuefeng Cui Learning Protein Structural Fingerprints under the Label-Free Supervision of Domain Knowledge

Travel Fellowship
Name Type Reward
Audry Legendre First-tier 1500CNY
Cui Su First-tier 1500CNY
Ivy Liu First-tier 1500CNY
Petronela Buiga First-tier 1500CNY
Safa Jammali First-tier 1500CNY
Fusong Ju Second-tier 1000CNY
Hansheng Xue Second-tier 1000CNY
Nayang Shan Second-tier 1000CNY
Qi Tian Second-tier 1000CNY
Sungjoon Park Second-tier 1000CNY
Yao Lin Second-tier 1000CNY
Yabo Chen Second-tier 1000CNY
Jingli Wu Third-tier 400CNY
Ning Zhang Third-tier 400CNY
Xinrui Lin Third-tier 400CNY