Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions. Please contact us for more information or questions.

What day/time are reserved for poster presentation?

A: We have two poster sessions: day 1 (4:35pm -6:00pm, Jan 14) day 2 (5:10pm -6:30pm, Jan 15). The poster with an odd number will be presented in day 1, and the one with an even number will be presented in day 2. Please set up your poster at least half an hour earlier before the poster session starts. We encourage you to set up your poster as early as possible (e.g., 10am) in order to increase its exposure.

Does APBC provide poster stand? How large?

A: We suggest the poster is about 120cm(height) * 90cm(width).

Does APBC provide printing service?

A: We don't provide printing service. Please check FebEx office or other printing service near your hotel.

Do we have awards for posters?

A: Yes, we will select a few posters for poster awards based on presentation.

Can the existing submission be revised?

A: Yes, the existing submission can be updated and revised using Easy Chair system with the same deadline of full paper submission.

Does the submission website allow upload additional files as supplemental materials?

A: Easy Chair system does not allow multiple files upload and archival file format. Authors' note: please put the supplemental materials on your own website and add one link in the main paper (PDF file to be uploaded).

Is there a page limit for full paper submission?

A: There's no hard page limit, but please practice common sense for appropriate length of a journal article.

Is there a student travel award for APBC2019?

A: There's currently no plan to have student travel awards for APBC 2019. However, one best paper award and one best student paper award, and several best poster awards will be offered. Details please refer to the Submission section.

Where should I put the figures and tables when submitting the full paper?

A: In consideration of reviewers, authors are encouraged to embed figures and tables in the text, as near as possible to the place where they are first mentioned. However, it is also acceptable to place all figures and tables at the end of the text. Please note that you must combine all components into one PDF file for Easy Chair upload.